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Pallet Trucks

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Picture of Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks

Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks

Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks are constructed from premium-grade cast steel and are designed for handling larger and bulkier items and are for more intensive general use also. Commonly used in warehouse, industrial and agricultural applications.
From £637.20 Incl. VAT
Picture of Adjustable Width Pallet Trucks

Adjustable Width Pallet Trucks

The Adjustable Width Pallet Truck is ideal where multiple pallet types are used. A simple manaual adjustment of the forks allows for the movement of most commonly used pallets coming in from the United States and te Far East, eliminating the need for different pallet trucks to move different pallets. A choice of two different fork widths and three different fork lengths are available.
From £577.20 Incl. VAT
Picture of Extra Long Pallet Trucks

Extra Long Pallet Trucks

Extra Long Pallet Trucks are excellent additions to environments where double pallets and also larger and bulkier pallets are used. Constructed from high grade powder-coated steel and available in eight different versions including 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm fork lengths.
From £632.40 Incl. VAT
Picture of Extra Low Profile Pallet Trucks

Extra Low Profile Pallet Trucks

From £794.40 Incl. VAT
Picture of Extra Wide Pallet Trucks

Extra Wide Pallet Trucks

From £1,242.00 Incl. VAT
Picture of Galvanised Pallet Trucks

Galvanised Pallet Trucks

Galvanised Pallet Trucks are ideal for use in cold, clean and corrosive environments and are commonly used in dairy, pharmaceutical, and other food processing industries.The entire chassis features a hot dipped galvanised finish which includes the fork frame, wheel forks, push rods, handle, and the leak-free pump mechanism. The piston and valve have also been chrome plated to ensure that the etire galvanised pallet truck is resistant to moisture.
From £816.00 Incl. VAT
Picture of Galvanised Scissor Lift Pallet Trucks

Galvanised Scissor Lift Pallet Trucks

Galvanised scissor high-lift pallet trucks combine pallet truck manoeuvrability with the added benefit of being able to lift to load or unload pallets. This galvanised truck is purpose built for cold rooms, food processing areas and other working areas where painted machinery is prohibited. The galvanised finish will not flake paint or contaminate products with rust.
From £2,721.60 Incl. VAT
Picture of Low Profile Pallet Trucks

Low Profile Pallet Trucks

Low Profile Pallet Trucks are specifically designed to enable the movement of increasingly common low profile pallets, and also for low-clearance, disposable, American, and Far Eastern pallets. The tandem nylon rollers spread load on floor surfaces to reduce both ground contact and operator effort. Low Profile Pallet Trucks feature CE certification and 12 month on-site repair warranty.
From £662.40 Incl. VAT
Picture of Mini Pallet Trucks

Mini Pallet Trucks

The Mini Pallet Truck is an excellent lightweight truck which is transportable and easy to manoeuvre, making it ideal for delivery van drivers with weight limits and limited available space. The Mini Pallet Truck is also popular with printers and photographers as the forks are designed to work with most printers pallets and other small pallets.
From £404.40 Incl. VAT
Picture of Narrow Pallet Trucks

Narrow Pallet Trucks

Narrow Pallet Trucks are ideal for manoeuvring narrow and shallow pallets which are commonly used in the printing industry. The compact design is easy to operate and offers a 2500kg capacity in all sizes
From £564.00 Incl. VAT
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